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Futurist AI set out to determine whether stock price is driven by sentiment or fundamentals and over what time frame. After nearly 3 years, we developed Futurist AI’s service. Futurist Al's proprietary AI technology transforms analyzing market opinion from an art to a science. Our members access insights that allow them to make better investment decisions. Please read our interview with founder, Bugra Gezer (CBS '97). To contact Bugra, email him at

AgFamiliar, is a NYS Family Farming Collective for local, sustainably derived hemp, grains, agricultural produce and specialty products. All of our crops maximize value for bespoke clients while supporting local, rural communities and the environment through established client-driven farming in an established co-op ecosystem. Our improved soil management and farming practices coupled with a transparent supply chain and robust scientific expertise equal better nutrition and increased health for all of us and our children. When you know your farmer, you know your food. Read our interview with founder Rahoul Mehra, CBS '04. Email him at

Fission Ventures is one of about two dozen funds which form Alumni Ventures Group, the 3rd most active venture capital investor in the U.S. and 7th most active globally. Fission Ventures was established to give Columbia alumni a smart, simple way to add institutional-quality venture capital to their portfolio. Read our interview with the managing partner, Rob Bibow, CBS '01. To reach Rob, please email him at

Tikka Solutions (“Tikka”) is a specialized agency focused on providing outsourced CMO services including branding, content strategy, MarTech and digital strategy efficiently and effectively (Tikka Time). Tikka focuses on serving small-to-mid size companies seeking high quality and experienced marketing cost-efficiently.  Tikka, founded by CBS’09 alumnus Kirti Naik, services an underserved group of founders scrambling to address marketing on their own or spend a disproportionate amount on marketing agencies to support them in building, growing or pivoting their business. Tikka is composite of true subject matter experts each averaging 20+ years in their areas of discipline. Tikka’s core and true focus is on meticulously identifying business problems and solving them through marketing initiatives, whether it be sales enablement, customer journeys, brand strategy, experiential marketing, data analysis or content. Read our interview with the founder. To contact CEO Kirti Naik, CBS'09, email her at



Businesses are more and more reliant on finding value in their data, while the public and legislators are increasing their scrutiny of the use of consumers’ data. Regulators expect companies to provide timely, complete, and accurate responses to information requests, while retaining and disposing of information in compliance with legal, regulatory, and business requirements. To manage these growing and competing dynamics, no business can these days disregard “Information Governance.” MC Bernstein Data provides Information Governance consulting and management services, focusing on key IG risk and business objectives, including data privacy, defensible disposal, and information security.  Read our interview with the founders here.  To contact Club member, Anna Pappageorge, CBS '99:



FlexIt Inc. is the mobile app (available to download on iOS or Android) that quickly and seamlessly enables users to access gyms where and when they want, and only pay for the amount of time that they are in the facility. FlexIt offers consumers the flexibility that they both desire and so strongly expect. FlexIt users access any gym on the FlexIt network in a paper free manner, and have access to all the amenities and all the classes that the gyms have to offer. FlexIt is currently in partnership with over 2,000 gyms across the United States and is live in 23 states. FlexIt’s offering also includes additional product lines, such as FlexIt Extended Reality™ (augmented and virtual reality services), FlexIt Training™ (personal training at fitness clubs) and FlexIt Virtual Personal Training™ (live, in-home virtual personal training). For more information, read the interview with the founders here.  Contact: Austin Cohen, CBS '16:

Elucid Bioimaging is cost-effectively improving the diagnosis and treatment of cardiovascular disease with machine intelligence. Elucid's software, vascuCAP, analyzes CT scans to calculate both a patient’s risk of heart attack (or stroke) & the potential limitation of oxygen delivery to the heart (FFR). vascuCAP’s output allows patients to avoid the millions of unnecessary invasive coronary angiograms over 83% of the time, reduces the overall cost of care by more than 26% over one year ($4000+), predicts risk of infarction over 30% more accurately than the standard of care, and is reimbursed over $950 per use. This unique approach enables us to determine the optimal medical therapy for each patient individually by truly understanding the underlying cause of the disease – atherosclerosis. Click here to read an interview with CEO Blake Richards, CBS '17.  To reach Blake,


ARC Institution is a medical device market access solution in Japan that works on your behalf to bring your technology to commercialization via the most efficient, speedy and economic process possible. The business model allows you to control every step of the clinical and regulatory processes, and to own your import license upon approval, at a fraction of the cost of setting up a full infrastructure. ARCi can also leverage their network in Japan, and globally, for M&A advisory services as well as for fundraising efforts. To learn more, an interview with the founders can be found here. To reach CBS '96 alum Mike Van Zandt:



BlueTeam is an on demand cybersecurity talent platform for fintech and digital health. After three years running a successful cybersecurity services business, cofounders Rob Terrin (CBS/SIPA '17) and John Edwards (SEAS '16) identified the need to source, vet, and match top tier cybersecurity talent with digital businesses. Check out their service on Product Hunt. And, read the interview with the founders posted here. Contact robert.terrin@tailrisk.comPosted 4.6.20


avoMD improves the process of knowledge retrieval by presenting doctors with the latest guidelines/protocols in highly usable formats, made especially for clinical workflows. Rather than reading through pages and navigating between different sources to figure how to treat a patient, doctors using avoMD simply need to click a few buttons in our app to get the exact information needed for the patient at hand. The app’s content is curated and authored by a community of physicians and maintained by the company’s board of specialists and experts.  You can read our interview with one of the founders here. To reach them, please email Laurence Coman (CBS '20) at lc@avomd.ioPosted 3.25.20

Wanted finds jobs worth switching for - through offers that guarantee to meet salary expectations.  It's a  completely anonymous search service as guaranteed by the founders, CBS'11 alumni Jean Meyer and Balazs Alexa. Just set your expected salary, drop your resume and get on with your life. You'll get offers from the best companies because Wanted is able to cut 90% compared to headhunters through automation and AI.  To read an interview with the founders, click here. To connect with them, email Balazs Alexa at  balexa11@gsb.columbia.eduPosted 3.9.20

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