About Us

The Columbia Business School Alumni Club (cbsacny.org) is a non-profit club founded in 1975 by alumni for Columbia Business School alumni, students, and faculty in the New York City tri-state area. Membership is also open to alumni of other selective business schools and graduates or graduate students of select schools in other fields.

Our goal is to extend our community and to be a resource for members. We also hope to strengthen the business school alumni network and to support the continued professional growth of our members. Our club is distinguished by the talent of our members and directors. We have grown to be the most active business alumni club in the region. We host more than 40 events annually – and the menu offerings are distinguished by both variety and quality. They include lectures by distinguished business leaders, practical workshops, and inspiring topical panel discussions which highlight current and future industry trends, as well as providing educational, social and business networking opportunities for members - both online and in person (when available).  Our sessions are offered at a fraction of the price you might pay elsewhere.

The value of an MBA is not merely measured by academic credits and grades. In the spirit of Columbia Business School, we provide a venue to forge important professional and social relationships in a supportive and stimulating environment. We continue to evolve in response to the changing business environment and academic climate, placing greater emphasis on entrepreneurialism and fin-tech, med-tech, and other business areas in recent years.

We place a high value on innovation and creative thinking (and fun!); our event offerings reflect this philosophy. Our leadership team includes representatives of many industries, founders of successful start-ups and talented entrepreneurs. We have hosted events in chic exclusive environments such as Sotheby’s auction house, a top Broadway performance studio, and a classic car showroom to discuss fractional investing!  We also offer athletic (softball, bowling, etc.) programs and socials such as our MBA-only singles events hosted with other Ivy Business School Alumni Clubs based in NYC. This is your chance to get invaluable business insight from the most successful CEOs of top corporations and rainmakers in finance, technology, science, the arts, and more.

Some recent popular events include:

  • Power of AI & Big Data in Disrupting Medicine and Healthcare Delivery

  • The Origins, Growth and Investment Potential of the Cannabis and Hemp Industries

  • Fintech and the Wealth Management Industry

  • POKER Night! Learn to Play to Win - at Poker and at Business 

  • State of the Art Market 2020

  • Creating a Productive Home Office 

The fun has just begun. We welcome your participation.