London Club Reciprocal Membership

Announcing Reciprocal Membership with the CBS Alumni Club of London

Your New York Club Membership* extends to London:

Members of each Club can now receive member benefits of the other!

How does it work?

When traveling to London, you can enjoy low-cost, and sometimes no-cost admission to an array of great seminars, workshops, social, professional development and networking events, organized by the Alumni Club of London. In addition, you can get access to exclusive members-only events. Members of the London Club enjoy the same privileges when traveling to New York.

How do I sign up to events?

You will use a special promo code that we've set up to register for all London events. Your reciprocal membership eligibility will be checked against our database. You must be a dues-paying Club member in good standing in order to use the promo code.  Please contact us when you would like to sign up for an event, and we will confirm your eligibility and email you the code within 24 hours.

Are there any additional costs?

Besides the cost of your plane ticket - absolutely not! Membership in the London Club costs £35 a year, and it is now included in your New York Club membership fee.

How do I become a member of the New York Club?

Right here. For any other question please contact us.

* Applicable to $85 or more memberships only