Job Search & Mentoring Companies in the Spotlight
 BlueTeam is an on demand cybersecurity talent platform for fintech and digital health. After three years running a successful cybersecurity services business, cofounders Rob Terrin (CBS/SIPA '17) and John Edwards (SEAS '16) identified the need to source, vet, and match top tier cybersecurity talent with digital businesses. Check out their service on Product Hunt. And, read the interview with the founders posted  Posted 4.6.20 
 Aspire360 is a network of growth-oriented startup CEOs, invested in each other’s success. We match CEOs with coaches and their peers in mastermind groups to strategize, and effectively work through the day to day challenges of running a business, thus preventing avoidable mistakes and keeping them sane. Check out our interview with Aspire 360's CEO, Eleanor Haglund , CBS '21
 Wanted finds jobs worth switching for - through offers that guarantee to meet salary expectations.  It's a  completely anonymous search service as guaranteed by the founders, CBS'11 alumni Jean Meyer and Balazs Alexa. Just set your expected salary, drop your resume and get on with your life. You'll get offers from the best companies because Wanted is able to cut 90% compared to headhunters through automation and AI.  To read an interview with the founders, click here. To connect with them, email Balazs Alexa at  balexa11@gsb.columbia.eduPosted 3.9.20