Digital Marketing Companies in the Spotlight

 AcornOak Agency is an expert strategic advisory and digital marketing team of tech-savvy, socially responsible women serving as Marketers-for-Hire, Fractional CMOs, Trainers, and Advisors. We help small and mid-size organizations build remarkable brands and seize opportunities for growth. To provide optimal benefits and value for our clients, AcornOak’s packaged solutions are: Focused to address particular business challenges; Short-term to adapt to a constantly changing and chaotic market; Transparent using an open and co-creative process; and Cost-effective because they are typically delivered on a part-time basis. As a cooperative, our mission is to empower a collaborative community of experienced women to deliver impactful services to clients by fostering the necessary framework and tools to be financially independent, socially conscious, self-authoring leaders who thrive in the future of work. Read our interview with co-founder, Livia Marotta (CBS '13) for more information.

 Butter Works is a full-service digital video firm, providing everything including AI-driven data analysis, strategy, full creative and production services, and distribution. We've worked with Netflix, Viacom, Verizon, Discovery, The Guardian, Bustle, P&G, History Channel, and others. Most partners are using our proprietary AI data process, which predicts what videos they should make to reach their optimal audience, where they should distribute the content, how long the videos should be, which influencers to cast, etc., and most are seeing growth of 20%-30% in views and engagement in just a few months. Think of it as moneyball for digital video.  To read our interview with CEO, Paul Greenberg (CBS '97), click here.

  Tikka Solutions (“Tikka”) is a specialized agency focused on providing outsourced CMO services including branding, content strategy, MarTech and digital strategy efficiently and effectively (Tikka Time). Tikka focuses on serving small-to-mid size companies seeking high quality and experienced marketing cost-efficiently.  Tikka, founded by CBS’09 alumnus Kirti Naik, services an underserved group of founders scrambling to address marketing on their own or spend a disproportionate amount on marketing agencies to support them in building, growing or pivoting their business. Tikka is composite of true subject matter experts each averaging 20+ years in their areas of discipline. Tikka’s core and true focus is on meticulously identifying business problems and solving them through marketing initiatives, whether it be sales enablement, customer journeys, brand strategy, experiential marketing, data analysis or content. Read our interview with the founder. To contact CEO Kirti Naik, CBS'09, email her at