Data Analysis and Management Companies in the Spotlight


Dokkio is an intelligent, cloud-based file assistant that uses AI-powered technology to help you find, organize, understand, and collaborate on all your online files. It automatically presents files in context, organized by project, or by customer, for example. It classifies files based on their business purpose (Invoices, Resumes, Proposals…), and tags files based on their contents.  As a result, individuals and teams work with an organized, always-up-to-date set of files to accomplish their work more efficiently and effectively.  Dokkio works with files stored and shared in personal and business Dropbox accounts, Google Docs and Drive, Microsoft OneDrive and Box, and files attached to Gmail messages and shared in Slack.  (Special offer to Club members: FREE lifetime Dokkio account, act now.) For more info read our Q & A with CBS Alumni Club Member, Jim Groff, CEO of Dokkio. Contact:

According to IDC, 73% of a financial analyst’s time is buried in data preparation – thousands of hours wasted on custom coding, merging, filtering, cutting, pasting, pivoting, validating, and SQL querying to access data spread across silos of SaaS applications and databases. Kloudio is an end-to-end, self-service analytics platform empowering analysts to turn data into business insights by accessing data from multiple sources into their preferred spreadsheets for data analysis in minutes - no data prepping, code, or SQL queries needed. Companies like Netflix, Rakuten, and many others use Kloudio to save thousands of man-hours every year.  For more info, read our Q & A with co-founder and CEO, Krishna Bhat (CBS '12). To contact Krishna:

Businesses are more and more reliant on finding value in their data, while the public and legislators are increasing their scrutiny of the use of consumers’ data. Regulators expect companies to provide timely, complete, and accurate responses to information requests, while retaining and disposing of information in compliance with legal, regulatory, and business requirements. To manage these growing and competing dynamics, no business can these days disregard “Information Governance.” MC Bernstein Data provides Information Governance consulting and management services, focusing on key IG risk and business objectives, including data privacy, defensible disposal, and information security.  Read our interview with the founders here.  To contact Club member, Anna Pappageorge, (CBS '99):