A NYC start-up created by CBS alumni takes on salary inequality and creates first transparent job market

Interview posted: February 28, 2020

Wanted, created by CBS ’11 alumni Jean Meyer and Balazs Alexa, claim their start-up will help eradicate salary differences due to gender, ethnicity, and other factors and will also increase the salaries of talents in general. The CBS Alumni Club of NY thought they would be a great first post in the new “Member Spotlight” section on the website.

CBSACNY: Why now, why New York?
Meyer: We thought it would be fitting. We’ve become friends at CBS with Balazs, New York is the best place on Earth to launch anything and CBS has an enormous network of alumni in the city. And we’re trying to solve enormous issues both when it comes to inequality and transparent, efficient job search.
Alexa: Yes, and our alumni are great people who more often than not have great jobs already. That’s our target segment. CBS alumni don’t want to waste their time on job portals and on calls with head hunters where the offers are not transparent and only known after a lengthy negotiation process.

CBSACNY: How is Wanted different?
Alexa: On Wanted, talents set the salary they would like to get upfront. That’s actually the first step of the sign-up process. It takes a second. And the second step is to drop their resume or LinkedIn profile.
Meyer: Yes, that’s it, it’s done under a minute and we won’t bother them again unless we have an offer that fits their profile and that pays the specified amount or more.

CBSACNY: How does all this help with salary inequality?
Alexa: Asking talents to set their salary requirement upfront eradicates the possibility negotiating salaries down because of gender, ethnicity, religion, etc. during the interview process. We know from studies and statistics that it’s happening. We also plan to make companies sign a pledge about non-discrimination and we’ll ban them from the platform if we learn that they offer less than what they promised.
Meyer: And we go even beyond what Balazs said. If a company creates a campaign on Wanted let’s say for a $150k position, but the talent only asked for $120k, we give the entire $30k difference to the talent and the company won’t know as we won’t ever disclose this.

CBSACNY: One concern people have about job search is privacy. How are you handling this?
Meyer: On Wanted we only share the identity of talents if they confirm they want to be interviewed by the company. We take privacy extremely seriously.
Alexa: The worst thing that can happen when someone is looking around is that their boss or colleagues learn about it, even if they are just curious about how much they could make on the market.

CBSACNY: Are you guys funded?
Meyer: Yes, we raised a sizeable pre-seed round from top US, UK and French funds and angels. We’ll disclose that in a few weeks during our official launch press release. This interview is more an inside scoop and “pre-release” for the CBS alumni network. Having said that we are gearing up to raise our next, seed round sometimes mid 2020, so if there is any interest in the CBS community, we are open to discuss!
Alexa: If any alum wants to reach out to us, for networking, helping spread the word, we would love to have a coffee or beer!

The founders contact info and phone numbers are in the database of the alumni club, or feel free to shoot either of us a message at jean@getwanted.com or balazs@getwanted.com

Abbreviated bios of the founders

Jean Meyer
Bankexam, DMS, Once
Ex-Founder/CEO of Once
$15m in revenues
#1 serious dating app in EU
University of Technology
CBS '11

Balazs Alexa

Belanski, DMS, Collide
Management consultant with a strong focus on banking/telco
Master in Econ/Mgmt
HEC Paris
CBS '11
Social & neuro-psychology of AI