Tikka Solutions: Sustain or Grow Your Company in Any Climate

Interview with Kirti Naik, CEO, Tikka, posted: May 13, 2020

CBSACNY: What does Tikka mean?

Tikka: Inspired by Indian culture, the maang "tikka" is a piece of jewelry adorning a bride’s forehead giving her power, will and wisdom to handle her new journey in life. At Tikka, we aim to build unique solutions that will empower brands to succeed in their journeys.

CBSACNY:  Can you tell me a bit about your background and what motivated you to launch your company?

Tikka: I bring 20+ years of experience, along with my Tikka teammates with 25+ years, across many sectors and together we efficiently leverage best marketing practices for the brands we serve at an affordable price. I launched Tikka Solutions to fill a much-needed gap in the marketing consultancy space supporting start-ups and small to mid-size companies who require premium marketing solutions to ensure their businesses thrive. While there are many large agencies and consultancies that offer similar services, they would often cost 10x more without creating truly creative and customized solutions.

I have personally been on the brand side for the greater part of my career and have seen friends / colleagues launch companies and struggle with the development and cost burden of an effective marketing program. There’s also misunderstanding that marketing is solely about advertising, but before a single dollar is spent there needs to be a solid marketing infrastructure in place to lay the groundwork for a company's launch or growth initiative.

CBSACNY: What does Tikka Solutions do exactly?

Tikka: Outsourced CMO

- Marketing Operations: We help reduce long-term overhead with our long-term or project-based approach to building a marketing organization – people, tech and strategy.

-Brand Strategy Via UX Lens: With a data-oriented approach, we boost brand ROI by applying data-driven insights to inform brand positioning and build campaigns to impact your bottom line.

- Content & Product Strategy: Our approach to content and product strategy will give businesses a blueprint for success. We excel at integrating the interests of the company across sales, marketing and brand. Let Us Handle The Nitty-Gritty!

CBSACNY: Why did you see the need to create an outsourced marketing company?

Tikka: Through my experience of working with and under amazingly talented CMOs, I witnessed the pros/cons of in-house CMOs. They’re burdened by politics and always having to prove the ‘value of marketing’ and a large part of that is justifying their own cost to the firm. There’s an opportunity for companies to have an agile outsourced CMO with depth, experience and knowledge rather than a purely average team of affordable internal marketers. We don’t expect this model to be applied to large Fortune 500 brands by any means but believe it to be a beneficial solution for the boutique-sized companies that are building / growing a company. We also understand that established CMOs have a TON going on internally, so our service can be helpful to them as well to alleviate some of the workload.

CBSACNY: What industries do you specialize in? Do you have a niche focus?

Tikka: We can service most any industry because of our team’s versatile backgrounds however we have a specialty in: financial services, fintech, SaaS, technology, entertainment, beverage (liquors) and luxury.

CBSACNY: Do you have any competitors in the space, as far as marketing services providers?

Tikka: Other boutique marketing agencies focused on our niche sectors that primarily focus on strategy and back-end marketing infrastructure. We could compete with large consultants like McKinsey or Accenture for MarTech or brand strategy-related projects.

CBSACNY: Why do you think brands seek you out? What are some marketing challenges that you see and how do you fill the void for your customers?

Tikka: The clients that have come to Tikka for help are seeking us out because of the reputation of our team, our specialized brand experience and our ability to solve their problems in an efficient and effective way. Oftentimes clients approach us for brand strategy work – cracking the nut on how to tell their story in a differentiated way, how to digitally enhance or transform their user experiences or refresh the brand visually and apply it across their entire business/products.

CBSACNY: How has your business been impacted by COVID-19? What are you doing as a response to the pandemic?

Tikka: Some of our clients have asked to pause work because they want to see how sales/revenues are impacted in the coming months. We’ve offered them a flexible pricing model so they don’t sacrifice their marketing efforts. We know clients appreciate how we are taking care of them during these challenging times and look forward to maintaining lasting relationships.

Feel free to contact CEO Kirti Naik directly:  kirti@tikkaco.com

Abbreviated bio:

Kirti Naik
Founder and CEO – Tikka Solutions
formerly CMO, Prometheum, a blockchain securities firm
Led global brand and marketing intelligence at Russell Investments,
Oppenheimer Funds, and digital marketing at Citibank

BS, CUNY '99
EMBA, CBS, '09