Managing the Risks and Opportunities of
Increasing Amounts of Data

Interview posted: May 4, 2020

MC Bernstein Data provides Information Governance consulting and management services, focusing on key IG risk and business objectives, including data privacy, defensible disposal, and information security. The founders of the firm, Matthew Bernstein and Lynn Molfetta, led global Information Governance functions at Deutsche Bank and Citigroup, and CBS Alumna (and Club member) Anna Papageorge (CBS ’99) directs marketing initiatives.

CBSACNY: What problem do you solve? How do you tackle Information Governance for clients?

Matthew:  We have defined Ten Risk and Business Objectives that serve as the core focus of companies’ IG concerns. Some of the most prominent include Data Privacy, Information Lifecycle Management, Defensible Disposal and Information Security. Our approach offers assessment, solutions, and performance services to efficiently address these objectives on a singular or combined basis.

CBSACNY: What are the biggest threats and opportunities?

Matthew:  Massive amounts of available data, commoditized IT infrastructure (storage and compute), and presumed value to be extracted create incentives to keep and process everything, yet the risks associated with not governing this data are growing. Companies are more and more reliant on finding value in their data, while at the same time the public, regulators, and politicians are increasing their scrutiny of how companies use consumers’ data.

CBSACNY: What is your industry focus?

Matthew:  Historically, it has been on heavily regulated industries, such as financial services and healthcare, with their regulatory requirements for information governance. Now however, with the explosion of digital information and the concerns of consumer privacy, driven by GDPR and CCPA, we find all industries are facing increasing pressures to manage their information assets, for risk and cost reasons.

CBSACNY: How does your firm differ?

Matthew:  Firstly, experience: the senior members of our team have all held senior management positions in information governance operations functions in global financial services businesses. Secondly, we provide a single point of service for governance, technology, and process expertise. And lastly, we provide sophisticated, efficient assessments, solutions – strategy and recommendations – and operational services to maintain compliance.

CBSACNY: Who do you work with in companies?

Matthew:  Companies have evolving perspectives on where the responsibility for information resides within their enterprise. We typically partner with the Chief Information Security Officer, Chief Privacy Officer, Chief Data Officer, Chief Information Officer, General Counsel, or Head of Compliance functions.

CBSACNY: What do you want from the CBS Community?

Matthew: We are, of course, interested in speaking with anyone in the CBS community who has questions about information governance. But, I’d like to draw people’s attention to the increasing risks resulting from the proliferation of “external data.” (Especially in this time of intense “working from home.”) We see this in acquisitions and divestitures, service providers, “SaaS,” social media, cloud computing, “Bring Your Own Device,” and collaboration tools. This is an area we are focusing heavily on and where convenience doesn’t exempt companies from compliance.

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Abbreviated bios:

Matthew Bernstein
Principal – MC Bernstein Data
former global Head of Group Information & Records Management, Deutsche Bank
BA, Harvard University

Lynn Molfetta
Principal – MC Bernstein Data
former Global Head of Records Management Deutsche Bank,
Global Head of Records Management Citigroup
COO/Chief of Staff American Express office of General Counsel

BA, New York University

Anna Papageorge
Director – Marketing and Business Development
MBA, '99 Columbia Business School 
BA, University of Pennsylvania