Business Insight Without the Data Wrangling


Interview with Kloudio's co-founder and CEO Krishna Bhat , posted: July 29, 2020


How did Kloudio get started?

Krishna: While working at Amazon as a Product Manager, I noticed that there was a great need for faster access to data. We’d have weekly and monthly business reviews with our leadership executives where we have to pull data from all sorts of places. There wasn’t enough time for us to pull the required data to provide answers to our business stakeholders. We spent more time gathering and preparing the data than actually analyzing it. Having experienced the pain first hand, I knew there must be more people who are facing getting data from disparate sources.

And that’s when Kloudio was born.

What Problem Does Kloudio Solve and How?

Krishna: Our goal is to give people control over their data and empower them to quickly turn data into actionable business insights. With Kloudio, analysts no longer have to rely on technical teams to forge complex data integrations, build data models, or create reports with new datasets. Kloudio gives analysts the control to pull in data from disparate applications and databases directly into analysis tools of their choice to create the perfect report without any scripts or SQL queries. These reports can be shared across teams so that everyone can analyze with the same underlying data, and push enhanced data back to the original sources. Learn more about Kloudio.

Who Are Your Competitors and What Makes You Different?

Krishna: We run into business intelligence (BI) and integration tools. Unlike Kloudio, neither of them offers an end-to-end solution where users can pull their own data and build the reports for analysis. Existing BI tools provide great visualizations but require additional resources to bring in data to populate reports and dashboards. On the other hand, integration tools allow users to connect data but still requires the analyst to prep the data into a usable format before any analysis is done. 

Who Are Kloudio’s Core Users?

Krishna: Our core set of users requires complex data integrations that often include pulling data from multiple data sources from different departments in order to forecast, make informed decisions, and plan for the business. PF&A, Financial Analysts, and Data Engineers are popular users of our platform.

How have Kloudio customers been successful?

Krishna: Netflix, Rakuten, Klaviyo, and amongst others are long-time users of Kloudio, helping them uncover business insights from data spread across their organizations. Netflix, for example, has been using Kloudio for a few years now. Their FP&A team uses Kloudio to identify what content to invest in per country and region. They’d previously rely on data engineers to build data pipelines to update monthly data in their reports, which took at least six days before FP&A had the data to analyze. With Kloudio in place, the FP&A team had immediate access to data whenever they need it, saving them over 10,000 hours each year. Read the Netflix case study to learn how Netflix optimized their FP&A teams.

Abbreviated bio of the co-founders and contact info:

Krishna Bhat

Co-Founder & CEO

Serial Entrepreneur | Product Manager | Engineer

Ex Amazon, Oracle, Fujitsu, Capgemini

Forbes Business Council

Mumbai University, 2002, B Tech - Computer Engineering



Sathish Raju

Co-Founder & CTO

Tech Entrepreneur | Forbes Tech Council | Mentor, Advisor

Ex Oracle, Cisco, NetApp

Anna University, B.E Computer Science and Engineering, CEG