Stock Tip Service Delivers Results

Interview with Bugra Gezer, Founder, Futurist AI, posted: June 3, 2020


CBSACNY: Why did you start this project?
Bugra: It started as something of hobby. I wanted to first polish my technical skills and second see if data could answer the question: Is stock price driven by sentiment or fundamentals? It turns out that sentiment drives price in the near term and that it can be predicted.
I worked on the system for about 2 ½ years and conducted a 16-month alpha test against the S&P 500 and beat the market by ~2.5x. It was this insight that led me to partner with Jon DeVries and create Futurist AI. We launched the Beta version of the service on December 1st, 2019 and went live May 26th, 2020. Over that time frame we delivered a 77% return while market has fallen by 5%.

CBSACNY: How is Futurist AI different?
Bugra: The difference is in its simplicity. When Futurist identifies a stock that our analysis indicates is significantly over or under valued, we email members an alert. We cover 3 indices, 11 ETFs, and 526 stocks. The email alerts identify the security and the timeframe, the opportunities we identify are typically good for a day. Our members use their own judgement on how they want to use the insights we provide.

CBSACNY: How does all this help with generating better returns?
Bugra: The performance of the service speaks for itself. Since 12/1/19, we have issued 72 (and counting) alerts. 66% have been winners and only 34% losers. Overall, the alerts have generated a 1.6% return per trade (the large majority were 1-day opportunities).

CBSACNY: Do you manage funds for your members?
Bugra: No, we simply provide the results of our research into investor sentiment and price action. Currently the service is direct to individual investors. However, we are seeking partnerships with investment firms that would like to offer our service to their customers.

CBSACNY: Are you guys funded?
Bugra: So far, we have bootstrapped the company. Jon and I have built the system and website, launched the service and now have paying customers. Next up is starting the digital marketing campaign.

Abbreviated bios of the founders and contact info:

Bugra Gezer
CEO, Founder, Inventor

(917) 593-5956

Bugra M Gezer developed his first neural network while working for the nuclear reactor design center of Electricite de France. He then became a successful private equity investor focusing on the global insurance industry. He participated in the startup of several insurance companies and served on their board of directors. He holds a degree in Applied Mathematics from University Joseph Fourier, a software engineering degree and an MS in Artificial Intelligence from INSA Lyon and an MBA in finance from CBS ('97).

Jon T. DeVries
Founder, Advisor

(919) 645-8099

Jon T. DeVries is an entrepreneur and executive who delivers innovative products targeting high value markets. He has worked hard as a strategist, offering manager, and general manager at startups (Supertron which he co-founded) and international giants such as IBM Watson Health Imaging. He has experience in M&A, having been part of the team that sold Merge to IBM for $1B, and raising venture funding. He received his BS in Physics from Harvey Mudd College and an MBA from CBS ('97) and holds multiple patents.