Dokkio: Automatically Organizes Your Cloud Files


Interview with Dokkio's CEO Jim Groff, posted: September 22, 2020


Question: What problem does Dokkio solve?

Jim: One of our users describes it as “file mass and mess”. Most of us have thousands of files - personal files, work files from one or more jobs - which are shared emailed or stored in the cloud, possibly spread across multiple accounts. Finding, organizing, and working with that content, especially in this new era of remote work, is a huge productivity drain. Dokkio automatically organizes your files for you so that it’s easy to get the right file, right away.

Question: How does Dokkio work?

Jim: Dokkio uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to automatically organize your files based on what actually matters to your business -- grouping them by project or by customer, for example, or categorizing them as Invoices, Proposals, or Meeting Notes. Just connect Dokkio to your Dropbox, or Google Docs, or email, and in under 3 minutes it starts to automatically organize and make suggestions. After that initial setup, Dokkio gives you an ongoing, up-to-the-minute, 360-degree view of your files to keep you organized. And you can work with your files - editing Google Docs or Sheets or Word documents - without ever leaving Dokkio.

Question: Is Dokkio a personal or business tool? What industries do you target?

Jim: Many people start out using Dokkio to manage their personal files, but it’s really most powerful when used for team collaboration in a business setting. We have specific templates for a dozen different industries and use cases - from Professional Services to Investing to Technology to Real Estate, NonProfits, and Law - and a General Business template that broadly applies.

Question: Isn’t file security a big concern?

Jim: Yes, we take information security very seriously. Dokkio is a “virtual file assistant”; it does not copy or move your files. They stay where they are - in Dropbox, for example - protected by Dropbox security, which Dokkio respects and enforces. So files remain secure; you just get a much more organized view of them. Cloud file security is so important that Google introduced extensive new security requirements for applications like Dokkio, which access Google-managed files. Dokkio passed the Google certification in December 2019.

Question: What are the key benefits of Dokkio?

Dokkio offers individuals and teams several significant benefits:

● Time Saving - eliminates wasted time searching for files
● Eliminates “bad edits” - organizes revisions to be sure you’re working with the latest
● Onboarding new people - new team members can get up to speed much faster
● Bridges time & distance - makes it easier to work across locations & work hours
● Up to date - the latest revisions, new content and questions are just one click away

How much does it cost?

Dokkio is free to CBSACNY members right now as a member benefit. Accounts created now will continue to be free (up to 3 users) for the lifetime of the account. Sometime in Q4 2020, Dokkio will begin charging larger accounts on a per-user basis; accounts of up to 10 users are expected to cost $10 per user per month, with annual discounts available.

Abbreviated bio of the founder and contact info:

Jim Groff, CEO, Dokkio
Jim Groff is an accomplished startup CEO who has over 25 years of experience successfully guiding companies to a position of market leadership. Prior to joining Dokkio, Jim led an earlier cloud collaboration company, PBworks. Earlier in his career, Jim was an SVP at Oracle (which acquired one of his startups), and at Apple Computer (also by acquisition). Jim has a B.S. in Mathematics from MIT, and an MBA from Harvard Business School. He is also the author of several best-selling technical books about the Unix operating system and SQL database technology.