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BRITE '12 Conference
Monday, 03/5/12 at 8:00am - Tuesday, 03/6/12 at 1:00pm
BRITE is a global series of conferences that focus on emerging trends in branding, innovation, technology, society, and culture.
CBSAC/NY members get a $100 discount. [CBS event and member benefit]

Corporate Venture Capital: Opportunity or Risk?
Tuesday, 03/6/12 at 6:00pm - Tuesday, 10/16/12 at 10:00am
One of the fastest-growing sources of funding for startups is coming from the venture capital arms of large companies. [CBSAC/NY event]

CBSAC/NY Club Management Meeting - Monday, March 12, 2012
Monday, 03/12/12 at 6:00pm
Join us if you'd like to be involved as a volunteer in the Club. We'll discuss upcoming events and club management, with complimentary food and drink in a spectacular venue. [CBSAC/NY Meeting]

Publishing in the Age of E-Books
Thursday, 03/15/12 at 6:00pm - Tuesday, 10/16/12 at 10:00am
What don't e-books change?

We're sorry but this event is SOLD OUT

[CBSAC/NY event]

Start, Grow, Sustain: The Minority Perspective on Entrepreneurship
Wednesday, 03/21/12 at 6:30pm
New business formation is widespread in the United States and involves all racial and ethnic groups. [3rd party event]

WIB's Second Annual Networking Event at Moore Brothers, an Artisanal Wine Business
Thursday, 03/22/12 at 6:00pm - Tuesday, 10/16/12 at 10:00am
Learn about artisanal wines as you re-connect with CBS friends, and absorb impressive knowledge about how to taste, pair and evaluate wines.
So sorry, this event is SOLD OUT
[CBSAC/NY event]

Cash For Trash
Tuesday, 03/27/12 at 6:00pm
What if “waste” were a thing of the past? Companies are finding clever ways to convert their waste streams into resources. [CBSAC/NY event]

Connecticut Alumni Networking Reception
Thursday, 03/29/12 at 6:30pm - Tuesday, 10/16/12 at 10:00am
Presented by the Columbia Business School Office of Alumni Relations and GE [CBS event in Fairfield, CT]

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Recent Events...

CBSAC/NY Monthly Networking - Monday, July 27, 2015
07/27/15, 7:00pm
We invite you to meet with us at this open event. It’s an opportunity to learn about the club as well as network with club leaders and fellow members. Please sign up in advance. You need photo ID to enter the building. [CBSAC/NY meeting]
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CBSAC/NY Event Planning Meeting - Monday, July 27, 2015
07/27/15, 5:45pm
Join us if you have interest in participating in the details entailed in club management and event planning. Please sign up in advance; this meeting venue has a strict registrants-only policy and you will need to bring Photo ID. [CBSAC/NY meeting]
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CBSAC/NY Annual Meeting - Monday, June 29, 2015
06/29/15, 6:00pm
Please sign up in advance for our management meeting at the Club's annual meeting. [CBSAC/NY meeting]
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Dive No. 2 The Present: Wind, Solar and Bridge Fossil Fuels
06/23/15, 6:00pm
Deep Dives into The Past, Present, and Future of US Energy Sources: a program from the Sustainable Business Committee. [CBSAC/NY]
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Family Office Investment Forum
06/18/15, 6:00pm
We have closed online ticket sales and are sold out! No walk-ins.[Joint CBSAC/NY and Kellogg Alumni Club of New York event] Ever wonder how mulit-million & billionaire families manage their money?
[ read more ]

Make Habits Stick For Yourself and Those You Lead
06/14/15, 12:00pm
If your New Years resolutions don't stick to December (or even May), you're not alone. Most people's new habits don't stick. In fact, most fail predictably. And anything predictable you can understand and get to work for you. [CBSAC/NY workshop]
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I/P for Start Ups & Innovators: What Works, What Doesn't
06/11/15, 6:00pm
Your ideas are yours – or are they? For many startups, trademarks, patents, copyrights, and trade secrets are critical assets – sometimes the only asset – unless you screw it up. [CBSAC/NY event] Registration open until 5pm on day of this ev
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Outdoor Happy Hour at the J House Greenwich in Riverside, CT
06/10/15, 6:00pm
Please join fellow alums on Wednesday evening, June 10th for a delightful, al fresco "Happy Hour" at Greenwich's not so new hot spot...the J House in the Riverside section of Greenwich, CT. [CBSAC/NY CT/Westchester event]
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New Fulton Fish Market (Guided Tour, Expert Panelists, Great Networking)
06/10/15, 5:00am
HAVE YOU EVER WONDERED … “Hmm…In NYC, HOW FRESH AND SUSTAINABLE IS MY SEAFOOD” Guided tour of the New Fulton Fish Market, Expert Speakers -- more details to come! Seafood-themed breakfast. [CBSAC/NY tour]
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The Future of Urban Innovation: Startups
06/9/15, 8:45am
All day event hosted by Columbia University and the U.S. Department of Commerce. [3rd party event and benefit]
[ read more ]

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