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The HITLAB World Cup
Monday, 12/1/14 at 8:00am - 4:45pm ...8 days away!
Club members/entrepreneurs are invited to participate in the HITLAB WorldCup. The HITLAB is a healthcare innovation and teaching lab which operates in the US and India. [3rd party program]

Strategies for Fighting Ebola: A Columbia University Summit to Help End the Epidemic
Monday, 12/1/14 at 9:00am - 12:00pm ...8 days away!
The global threat from the Ebola epidemic continues to spread, as the death toll in West Africa rises and countries around the world remain on high alert against contagion. [Special CBSAC/NY-Columbia University Club program]

Bob Dorf, Customer Development expert, on the "Lean Launchpad:"
Tuesday, 12/2/14 at 6:30pm - 8:00pm ...9 days away!
How this successful blueprint for countless entrepreneurs is now being used to fuel growth in large corporations. [CBSAC/NY event in Stamford, CT]

Successful Entrepreneurs: What Does It Take?
Thursday, 12/11/14 at 5:30pm - 8:00pm
In the 5 Stages of Business Development, Stage 1 is called Entrepreneurial and Optimistic. This stage is where 93% - 95% of all U.S. companies start… and end. [CBSAC/NY event]

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11th Annual Healthcare Conference - Register Early and Save!
11/21/14, 8:00am
Presented by Columbia Business School’s Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Management Program and the Healthcare Industry Association (HCIA) [CBS event]
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Office Renovation Reimagination: The New Workplace Paradigm
11/18/14, 6:00pm
L&L Holding Company and GreenOak Real Estate will discuss the redevelopment of two midtown office buildings to meet the dramatically changing requirements of office tenants. [CBSAC/NY event]
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"Omnichannel: The New Customer Experience"
11/17/14, 6:00pm
Bruce Berman, President, Bloomingdales.com discusses how his company is approaching the "new normal" of omnichannel integration to stay competitive. [CBS event]
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22nd Annual Columbia Women in Business Conference: Dare to Disrupt
11/14/14, 9:00am
For so long, the path to success has been narrowly defined. These days, women are challenging the notion of the traditional female role, in both their professional and personal lives.[CBS event]
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Networking/ Happy Hour at Rye Grill in Westchester
11/13/14, 6:00pm
The CT/ Westchester Committee is once again sponsoring a joint happy hour with Wharton at the Rye Grill & Bar. [CBSAC/NY event]
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Global Innovator Demo Night
11/13/14, 5:30pm
Organized by the Worldwide Investor Network, we are closing the gap between post-seed international startups, venture capitalists, mentors and partners in NYC. [3rd party event and member benefit]
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"Next Generation Online Marketplaces"
11/12/14, 6:15pm
with .Spencer Lazar, Principal, General Catalyst Partners. [CBS event]
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CBSAC/NY Monthly Networking - Monday, Nov 10, 2014
11/10/14, 7:00pm
We invite you to meet with us at this open event. It’s an opportunity to learn about the club as well as network with club leaders and fellow members. Please sign up in advance. You need photo ID to enter the building. [CBSAC/NY meeting]
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CBSAC/NY Event Planning Meeting -Monday, Nov 10 2014
11/10/14, 5:45pm
Join us if you have interest in participating in the details entailed in club management and event planning. Please sign up in advance; this meeting venue has a strict registrants-only policy and you will need to bring Photo ID. [CBSAC/NY meeting]
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The changing Manhattan skyline
11/6/14, 6:00pm
Join the Brown (alumni) Club in New York for a real estate roundtable, co-sponsored by the CBSAC/NY Real Estate Committee. Suzanne Sunshine (CBS '92),President S. Sunshine and Associates is featured on the panel.[Brown-CBSAC/NY event]
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