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Join CBSACNY to ... Bulletproof Your Career

Posted By Administrator, Thursday, September 14, 2017

Join CBSACNY to … Bulletproof Your Career                                                          

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             David Prince (CBS '03)
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             Marketing Committee Co-Chair

In 2009, I was in between jobs in media & advertising. Over the previous 5 years, I had planned several Marketing events for the Club and attended many more. I knew well the positive ROI in committing to plan and attend events was clearly beneficial for new insights and to deepen relationships with alumni and speakers. After some procrastination and some job leads fizzled out, I plunged into staging an event on social media marketing. The topic was a blind spot for me at the time, and I enlisted a star moderator who heads social agency Renegade, and 3 perfect panelists on the subject … I plucked one from Whole Foods after seeing her featured in AdWeek; another was a willing Columbia alumnus in charge of social marketing at American Express; a 3rd came from E.L.F. cosmetics, who emerged on an all-in endorsement from our moderator. We found a sponsoring law firm, snappy visuals, and ample space & budget for 250 attendees.              
“Build it and they will come”, I thought. But, two weeks before the event, registration was really light. I feared crickets in a near empty room, disgruntled panelists, embarrassed moderator, etc. I decided to flood my social media channels, and promote the event to everyone I knew - work contacts, friends, and all the people I had been networking with … even the ones who snubbed me or didn’t return emails and phone calls.

Magically, the event ended up selling out. How’s that for social media marketing? There was a buzz, the moderator was energized, the panelists delivered genuine perspectives and insight that led to much Q&A, chatter afterward and, of course, tweeting. I met a few attendees and kept in touch with one of the panelists I had just met. Within 3 weeks of the event, 3 of the people I invited offered me immediate positions, and all were out of the blue. I accepted one at NPR and worked there for 7 years.

This is one example, but surely not the only one of how planning events and leaning into CBSACNY can elevate your profile and reinvigorate your career.

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Downloadable Summary Now Available for Artificial Intelligence Event held June 19, 2017

Posted By Cindy Rosenthal, Wednesday, August 16, 2017
Updated: Friday, August 18, 2017

CBSACNY Panel Tackles the Coming Explosion

of Artificial Intelligence in Business


ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE (AI) has the potential to be a paradigm shift, broadly disrupting business in the next few years as much as the Internet did in the early 2000s and mobile communications has since 2010. That was the key takeaway message from a panel of experts at our “Artificial Intelligence in Business” program, held on June 19, 2017.  

Panelists:  Norman Niemer (UBS O’Connor); Bethany Hale (IBM/Watson Health)
Christian Jong (Opentopic);  Sebastian Wilner (Google);  Chandler Wilson (Walmart)

This fantastic and tightly focused program featured AI advocate-experts from top corporations working in the field, and a sell-out crowd, thanks to the organizational skills of CBSACNY’s Media and High-Tech Committee, chaired by Bonnie Halpern and Brad Jobling, both CBS graduates. Describing AI loosely as the ability of computers to “contextualize things and provide more actionable information”, moderator Norman Niemer, a graduate of Columbia’s School of Engineering with a master’s degree in Financial Engineering, led a broad and illuminating conversation that highlighted AI’s tremendous importance to different sectors of business, as well as outlining specific applications and challenges to implementation.

“We are transitioning, from a business perspective, from a mobile-first world of product design to one that is AI-first,” said Niemer, who leads a quantitative data science team at UBS O’Connor, the hedge fund unit of UBS. In his leadership of AI innovation initiatives at UBS, Niemer has observed that the key to corporate success in such a ‘smart’ environment is having a data strategy-- that is, plans for collecting, storing, cleaning and analyzing enormous reams of data. AI uses big data and machine learning (ML) as essential tools, but goes further as “the glue that holds those together and gets actionable results out of all that data,” he said. ML, in contrast, is a subset of AI, in which computers use algorithms to harness data sets and learn from them.

Panelists defined AI as machine intelligence that analyzes unfathomably huge amounts of data to identify patterns and predict outcomes, making continual adjustments based on the input of new data according to rules created by the system itself, based on the input of new data. Bethany Hale, a CBS graduate who is Chief of Staff for the Global Healthcare and Life Sciences industry team at IBM, which includes Watson Health, the company’s most high-profile AI initiative, explained that a cognitive computer can process both structured and unstructured data, derive meaning from the data it is analyzing, and learns iteratively from feedback. That is what drives its ability to “think”.

AI can improve operating efficiency and provide new understanding of customer insights, which are central to success in sales, panelists said. Moreover, its adoption into strategic decision making is becoming a critical competitive advantage in business, as traditional market analysis is no longer a differentiator and as many “soft” functions such as IR, communications and strategic planning, can be quantified and thus incorporated into an AI-driven operating environment.  (more...)

For the full summary, see the attached downloadable document.

Download File (PDF)

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Why You Should Join Columbia Business School Alumni Club of New York

Posted By Xenia Razinski, Thursday, August 18, 2016

Xenia Razinski  Columbia Business School Class of 2015 shares her experiences on why she joined CBSACNY.



For those of you deciding on whether you should join the Columbia Business School Alumni Club of New York, my advice is to you is JOIN.

My experience at Columbia Business School was outstanding in every way and I was looking for a friendly & supportive community way to continue that. I found it at the Columbia Business School Alumni Club of New York.


  • CBSACNY opened doors to a whole new network of people from different professions ages and experience. At the events I find it fascinating to speak with others about their professional experiences. Some conversations I had led to business follow-ups. Several people I met became friends
  • The organization holds dozens of panels and meetings covering virtually every professional field, industry, and social interest. Meet people like Paul Eastman the CEO of advertising giant JWT, speak to Wall Street business authors like Charles Cohan, and hear from real estate experts like Jonathan J. Miller. You get industry insights and the opportunity to meet distinguished executives at a fraction of the cost you would pay to attend similar events at major conferences.
  • Committees, the driving force behind the events, are based on a wide range of business fields providing an opportunity to work closely with people of similar interests and to forge new professional relationships.

I’m a big fan & could go on and on, but I don’t need to. You can find out yourself by joining today.




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