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Share and Share Alike on April 24 at “Swap Don’t Shop: Making Green in the Sharing Economy”

Share and Share Alike on April 24 at “Swap Don’t Shop: Making Green in the Sharing Economy”

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The global recession has caused profound changes in consumer behavior.  More and more people around the world have cut back on spending and consumption, reassessing ways to stretch their resources.  At the same time, new technologies and business models are driving innovation around the concept of sharing underutilized resources and exchanging, renting, or loaning them to people who can extract more value from them right now. The “Sharing Economy”, or “Collaborative Consumption”, has emerged as a powerful game changer, shifting power away from middle-men to individuals transacting directly with individuals, in communities of their own choosing.

Is it the end of shopping, as we know it?  Is the reallocation of resources and lengthening of product life cycle a viable strategy for sustainability?  Do communities formed in shared platforms value access to services more than owning stuff?  

Panelists from KeyWifi.com, Carpooling.com, ClosetRaid.co (no “m”), and SnapGoods.com are at the cutting edge of this hot new trend. On April 24, at Swap, Don't Shop, this new generation of entrepreneurs will talk about the sharing economy and the disruptive business models driving these online, and mobile, markets for peer-to-peer sharing, renting, loaning, bartering and swapping goods and services outside conventional markets. These companies are reducing waste, strengthening new communities of people working together, and providing desired services efficiently.

Cameron Tonkinwise, an expert on nonmarket systems of shared product use, will moderate what promises to be a lively discussion. Cameron is Chair of Design Thinking and Sustainability at the Parsons School.

Here is a short summary of the panelists below.

Adam Black, KeyWifi.com, heads up the world’s first internet based peer-to-peer internet access platform, completely web-based, creating viral ways of connecting people with affordable internet access everywhere.

Jennifer Lee is the Founder of ClosetRaid.co, a company proclaiming to be “the fun and social way to showcase, sell, swap, or give away your stuff with your networks.”

Odile Beniflah, Carpooling.com, leads a company connecting people in 5000 cities and 45 countries for the purpose of sharing rides in a cheap, green and fun way.

Ron Williams, CEO, SnapGoods.com, runs a company focused on connecting people who wish to rent or borrow things with people who can rent or lend the items they want.

This event is organized by the Sustainable Business Committee (SBC) for the CBSACNY and is part of an ongoing series, MAKING GREEN FROM GREEN, now in its third season. PricewaterhouseCoopers, SBC venue sponsor will host the event at their midtown headquarters.

Jacquie Ottman, a noted authority on Green Marketing, is the event chair and is assisted on the event committee by Jeff Dubin, Nicole Rousseau and Brent Peich. Please see Jacquie’s post on the sharing economy and more on this event at http://www.greenmarketing.com/blog/comments/swap-dont-shop-making-green-in-the-sharing-economy/ .

If you would like to join or work with SBC, please contact sustainablebusiness@cbsacny.org, or check out our SBC activities online on Twitter @CBSACNY_SBC, #MGFG and the Columbia Business School Alumni Club of New York (CBSACNY) on Facebook.

Hope you can join us on April 24!

--Marcia Robbins
VP, Sustainable Business Committee Marketing


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