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at GustOrganics! To kick off the new year and the continuation of our certificate seminar series, Making Green from Green is excited to announce this valuable networking opportunity for our participants.

   In attendance will be fellow attendees, seminar presenters and club members sharing an evening of great of 100% organic food and drink in an intimate setting.  This evening will be a great opportunity for our participants to socialize, network and reconnect with contacts in the sustainability industry.  Please purchase tickets early as space is limited and response has been strong for our event series. Guest are welcome.

Exclusive Offer:
Making Green from Green attendees will enjoy a sampling of some of GustOrganics's fabulous menu and all items purchased from their Organic Bar at a 20% discount.  

Event Details:
When: Tuesday, January 19th from 6-8:30pm
Where: GustOrganics Restaurant and Bar, 519 Avenue of the Americas (6th Ave) at 14th Street, NYC
Ticket cost: $10

Cash Bar



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About CBSACNY's Making Green From Green Certificate Seminar Series:
The Making Green from Green series was launched on September 2009 to help Columbia Business School alumni and the larger community stay current with emerging green trends and put thier careers on a sustainable path. The eight part series on runs from October 2009 through June 2010.  Members who attend six out of eight events will receive a Certificate of Attendance. Please note: this event does not count towards the certificate  of attendance. See CertificateHandout.pdf  for more information.

Mark your calendar with these upcoming dates:

FEBRUARY 4* : Making Green from Green - Marketing.  Marketing to the Green Consumer
FEBRUARY 23: Making Green from Green - International: Post Copenhagen Investment Climate with Prof. Jeffrey Sachs
MARCH 18: Making Green from Green  - Corporate Social Responsibility: Green at Work, Risk Mitigation
APRIL 20: Making Green from Green - Finance: Financing Opportunities in the Green Economy
MAY 18: Making Green from Green - Emerging Technologies and Clean Tech and Venture Capital. 
JUNE 15: Making Green from Green - Emerging Opportunities in Green Design
* Last chance to be eligible for Certificate of Attendance.


Special thanks to David Coleman and Nicole Rousseau of the Sustainable Business Committee for organizing this event. 



About GustOrganics (www.gustorganics.com):
Beginning as a thought in one foodie’s mind nearly 10 years ago, GustOrganics finally came to fruition in 2008. Argentinean-born businessman, Alberto Gonzalez had a passion for food, but found he was less than thrilled when he frequently traveled to New York on business. He was surprised that one of the most sophisticated cities in the world lacked an abundance of fresh, high-quality foods. Hoping to fill this void, he hit the streets in order to speak to New Yorkers. After a year of polling people on what they envisioned for an organic restaurant, Gonzalez compiled these various ideas into one organically green vision. Today, GustOrganics is the first USDA certified organic restaurant in New York, and the nation’s first restaurant to use 100% USDA certified organic ingredients. GustOrganics is also certified as a Green Restaurant by the Green Restaurant Association, and stands by the motto “Good, Clean, Fair.” Gonzalez’s commitment to a green vision is apparent in every detail of the place, from its corn straws to its low-energy appliances.



The following food items will be available at a 20% discount from the listed price below.   
Humita-corn, salsa blanca cream, oregano  $4.00   
Caprese-mozzarella cheese, tomatoes, and fresh basil  $4.00   
Carne-grass fed ground beef, egg, onions, and oregano  $5.00   
Grilled Thin Crust Pizzas    
Margarita style  $6.00   
Grilled Vegetables 6.50   
Beef Tenderloin  $9.00   
Signature Free Range Turkey Meatballs in marinara sauce $7.00   
Please note all items on our USDA certified organic bar menu will also be reduced 20%   
A partial list of our organic cocktail menu includes:   
Basil Daiquiri    
Dulce de Leche Martini   
Pepino (Cucumber) Cocktail   
Strawberry Caipiroska   


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