Welcome to the Columbia Business School Alumni Club of New York - One Happy Book Launch: An Evening with Author Prof. Bernd Schmitt


One Happy Book Launch: An Evening with Author Prof. Bernd Schmitt

Presented by Columbia Business School’s Center on Global Brand Leadership

Co-sponsored by the Marketing Committee of the Columbia Business School Alumni Club of New York[CBSAC/NY and CBS event]

Join us for a wine reception with author, Professor Bernd Schmitt, and a special discussion with leading marketers on their efforts to create happy customers and organizations.

Guest panelists:

Julie Cottineau, Founder, BrandTwist; Former VP of Brand, Virgin USA
Peter DeNunzio, President, Customer Loyalty, Aimia US
Owen Rankin, Executive Vice President Brand Stewardship, Edelman
More to be announced

Date:  Wednesday, May 2, 2012
Time: 6:30pm - 8:30pm

250 Hudson Street, 16th Floor, New York, NY

Cost: CBSAC/NY Members $15, Non-members $20

Register at: http://happycustomerseverywhere.eventbrite.com/

Co-sponsored with the CBSAC/NY Marketing Committee and the Columbia Business School's Center on Global Brand Leadership.

About the Book:

Prof. Bernd Schmitt shows marketers, brand managers, and entrepreneurs how to design an authentic and successful campaign that will reach, grow, and sustain a devoted base of customers.

Every business knows that the best customer is a happy customer. They return again and again, bring their friends and family, and deliver tons of free advertising via word of mouth and social media. But in order to grow that loyal base, you must be keenly aware of your customers’ needs and preferences. Drawing on the latest research in the exploding field of positive psychology, Prof Schitt offers three unique approaches any business can use to turning a casual customer into a committed fan:

  • The Feel-Good Method: Use the experience of pleasure and positive emotion to hook new customers, and watch those feel-good moments transform a casual customer into a committed loyalist
  • The Values-and-Meaning Method: Attract passionate customers by appealing to their core values, like being socially responsible, protecting the environment, or living a simple life
  • The Engagement Method: Get customers to notice a unique or limited offer, immerse them in the experience, and have them share it with friends and family.

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