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Private Equity Investing In Business Information & Media Companies

Where Middle-Market GPs Are Finding Exciting Margins & Multiples.... Join Capital Roundtable at this timely event. [3rd Party Event]

The Capital Roundtable is presenting a brand new full-day conference on Private Equity Investing in Business Information & Media Companies.  We’re pleased to offer admission to CBSACNY members at a preferred rate of $400 less than our standard rate.

Date: Thursday, October 20, 2011

Time: 8:00 am to 5:00 pm

Place: University Club, New York City (54th Street at 5th Avenue)

Cost: CBSACNY members -- $995 (special CBSACNY member rate)

To register for the CBSACNY rate, members, go to http://www.cbsacny.org/benefits.html?benefit_id=1054

There’s a lot to like about companies with predictable revenue streams, strong profit margins, and historical resistance to recessionary periods.  So it’s no wonder that business information companies are becoming increasingly interesting to investors within the middle -market private equity landscape.

They make up a sizable and growing market, reaching about $55 billion in annual spend over the past year.  And for 2010, this market grew approximately 6% while so many other sectors shrank. 

This market consists mainly of four sectors -- marketing information, financial and economic information, credit and risk information, and general business.  Each sector has its leaders, and each vertical sub-sector has its niche providers. 

What makes these companies such attractive investments is that their costs of data acquisition are generally fixed, so their incremental margins are quite strong.  Further, the revenue model tends to be subscription-based and thus provides a high degree of visibility. 

These companies not only engage in the collection or creation and delivery of business information, but also provide software and analytical tools that allow their subscribers and users to optimize data usage.

It’s a very good time to learn more about this attractive sector, and this conference will provide a 360º look at the trends, players, and opportunities that can boost your success in 2012.

So please be sure to mark your calendar for Thursday, October 20, 2011.

Michael B. Kessler of Veronis Suhler Stevenson in New York City will be the chair of this premier event.  A Partner and member of the Investment Committee at VSS, Michael has a particular focus on investing in business information and services companies engaged in marketing, human resources, and credit and risk management. 

For more information, visit --  Information-Media-Conference-2011.html

Our thanks to: Frank Graziano (CBS '82) for making this event available to our membership.


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